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Hosted by Yohan Tengra and AFF community lads, alongside a cavalcade of real world luminaries, AFFcastouts is the only podcast you need to make sense of the month in world news and current happenings in India. The bi-monthly show gives an irreverent and informative look at what's happening right now (and next) in the world of .. wait .. actually .. let me correct that .. NEW WORLD ORDER and PUSHBACK on FREE WILL. Today we uncover, on a platform, Anarchy for Freedom -
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Yohan Tengra


Hello & welcome to my website, Anarchy for Freedom. During the course of my college years, I got started on the path of discovering how the system lied to me in most areas of my life and came cross some mind-blowing information. This knowledge gave me a more in-depth insight into how the world works and what road certain forces are taking us down. I started this website to provide YOU the necessary resources to review and factor into your knowledge base, so you can arrive at different conclusions than you would have in its absence. I do not want this project to be about what I believe and think. This is because the whole point of genuine truth-seeking is to understand knowledge from a wide variety of sources and arrive at your conclusions. In other words, we all need to take control of our perceptions back from what we are and were told via government indoctrination camps (i.e. the public education system), politicians, “experts”, mainstream science, journalists (better known as PR agents for the Government), doctors (a lot of them being sales representatives for pharmaceutical companies), academics, etc. As referenced on the home page, CONTROL OF PERCEPTION is the modus operandi through which the powers who have gained control of society, manipulate us into taking actions that serve their ends! How we perceive a particular situation/issue dictates if we will support it/ not support it or challenge it/ not challenge it. In short, garbage put in the mind = garbage put out via action. Control of Perception is the key reason why Governments and their friends at Silicon valley are so desperate to keep this information from you as if you understood what this knowledge is concluding, it would be the end of their power, and the rise of our freedom and sovereignty! It’s time we take back what’s rightfully ours.



Before we start, I’d like to suggest the ideal mindset through which you should be reviewing the information presented in the pages of this website. Your ability to learn is hugely dependent on your open-mindedness or close-mindedness towards the material. Individuals with chronic Left brain imbalance who are arrogant & rigid  (see Materialists, “Skeptics,” Militant Atheists, etc.) will dismiss most of the information as they cannot use their right brain to conceive of creativity & see connections between apparently unconnected things. They see everything as coincidence & chance, & hold the assumptions that everything can be explained in terms of natural phenomena whether now or ultimately in the future. Low ability to learn can also come from Right brain imbalance, wherein an individual is consumed by gullibility, naivety and a mind so open that their head would fall out, believing anything they are told without actually thinking through and investigating what is said. These people are likely found in religious and New age circles. I certainly do not wish to cast everyone who identifies with those labels as having low teach-ability, but if we want to pursue truth, we must have a balance between skepticism and open-mindedness while reviewing any information presented. Banner


You might feel uncomfortable, angry, or even triggered when reading some of what is presented belowThat is the nature of the truth; It wages war against Mind Control and Lies. Feel the emotions that arise but don’t judge the information by what you feel when you read it. Instead, judge it by whether it is true or not.

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ADV NILESH OJHA @ojha_nilesh 
Lawyer, Author, Human Rights Activists. National President, Human Rights Security Council (NGO)
Advocate Nilesh C. Ojha is a passionate human rights activist who works relentlessly for awareness and protection of fundamental human rights. According to AdvNilesh Ojha “People's Power is like Sunlight which, when focused can Ignite fire”.
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DR. MADHUSUDAN RAJ PhD. @MadhusudanRaj 
Austrian Economist, Believer, Anarcho-Capitalist Thinker, Social Scientist, Educationist, Health Enthusiast and Assistant Professor of Economics.
Dr. Madhusudan Raj's body of work advances our goal of creating and maintaining the most comprehensive scientific repository possible. In doing so, our group members of the scientific community thrive in achieving Anarchy in all roots.
Mugdha Pradhan @mugdhapradhan Founder iThrive
MUGDHA PRADHAN @mugdhapradhan 
FOUNDER, iThrive
With a Master’s degree in nutrition and two decades’ experience in health and wellness, Mugdha has successfully healed many people at iThrive (Previously ThriveFNC) where I am currently employed. Mugdha herself was struggling with finding solutions when her health took a nosedive. With modern principles of functional medicine and ancient wisdom about food, paired with spirituality, she beat several chronic illnesses. She has been a mentor and a pillar ever since.

Natural Law

Also referred to as the Non-Aggression Principle or the Golden Rule. It is a set of universal, inherent, objective, non-man-made, eternal, and immutable conditions that govern the consequence of behavior of beings with the capacity for understanding the difference between harmful and non-harmful action.Contrary to Man’s (i.e., Government’s) fake law, Natural law does not change with time (like slavery being legal in the 19th century & illegal now) or distance (like drug use is legal in some places & not in others) and is based in TRUTH. It would apply the same to all of humanity anywhere in the universe.Any action that does not harm another human being is your RIGHT. In a case where you are harmed/robbed for committing an act which has not harmed anyone (i.e., victimless crimes like money laundering, drug consumption, prostitution, evading taxes,etc.) the GOVERNMENT IS THE AGGRESSOR & not the person committing the act. You have every right to use force, up to an including deadly force, to defend yourself from such aggression.

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Probably one of the most misunderstood terms of all time, Anarchy derives itself from the Latin words an; meaning without, and the word archon; meaning ruler/master/authority. It does not mean no rules; it merely means no rulers. If one does not identify as an anarchist, it will imply that one would want a master/authority for which one would have to be a SLAVE. Put simply; YOU OWN YOURSELF, NO ONE ELSE. Despite this, the vast majority of people around the planet have been persuaded to confuse Anarchy with chaos and destruction. This is done deliberately to obfuscate the fact that our current condition, where we have become SLAVES under AUTHORITY, is what is CHAOTIC AND DESTRUCTIVE to HUMAN FREEDOM.


Global Domination Agenda

Also known as the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA, this is an ancient plan for the establishment of a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT which is being pursued in the public arena via the United Nations Agenda 21/2030 Charter. An ancient plan towards which dark occultists/satanic bloodlines & the secret society networks that they control have been working at concertedly for centuries, the establishment of this structure would involve the destruction of individual rights, property rights, 24/7 surveillance (even of our thoughts), global centralized ownership of all key resources and aspects of life, the end of nation-states, severe restrictions on travel, land blocked for human use, bodies transformed via smart technology connected to an AI hive mind, and ALOT MORE.As bizarre & all-encompassing as this sounds, it is taking place right under our noses while people stay distracted by mindless consumption of television, movies & sports. If we want to live in a free world, it is crucial to become aware of the scope of this plan and push back against it in every way possible.

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Weaponized Science

Far from only being a tool that is used to study the nature and behavior of natural things, science, as we know it today, has become weaponized. It is used against us by the powers that shouldn’t be to enslave, weaken & ultimately depopulate the human race. Whether it be poisoning young infants through Vaccines; polluting our food supply with synthetic pesticides/fertilizers, processed food and Genetically modified organisms; covering the airwaves with various types of Electromagnetic fields( WIFI, Mobile communications, Bluetooth, Smart meters, mobile phones, “smart” devices, etc.) which have disastrous effects on health; scaring us into thinking that ordinary people are responsible for climate change (with significant implications for our freedom); airplanes spraying the sky with toxic material via chemical trails; and a lot more, we are systematically weakened and euthanized. There is a big push in the public domain to taint these concerns as pseudo-scientific, but people investigating these subjects with an open mind will be shocked by the evidence available to support these claims.


False Religions and Real Spirituality

Most people would think of organized religions (Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, etc.) when I mention false religions, but these would also include Scientific Materialism/Atheism, Statism (belief in Government/authority), & the New Age Movement. Contrary to how the New age community has portrayed spirituality in the public arena, true spirituality has little to do with meditation, yoga, wearing crystals, channeling entities, avoiding “negative” information, being hypnotized by gurus/babas, etc. On the contrary, it has EVERYTHING to do with learning about the Microcosm (Self) and the Macrocosm (the world around you), absorbing knowledge and aligning with the TRUTH, making the darkness conscious, & guiding others to go through that process. Service to Truth, above all else, is the ultimate aim of an enlightened being.

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Government / Authority

Although most people have been persuaded to believe that government is a “necessary evil,” NOTHING could be further from the Truth. Derived from the Latin words which translate to “mind control,” a person who believes in the legitimacy of Government would consider themselves to be a SLAVE (a person who’s labor is the RIGHTFUL property of someone else.)

Quite literally, the belief in authority is an IRRATIONAL AND ILLOGICAL one not based on any reason or logic. Government CANNOT EXIST because:

- An individual cannot delegate a right to a group which they didn’t have (i.e., the government cannot have a right which you didn’t possess individually, to begin with)
- An individual cannot have a moral obligation to do what is wrong in their conscience (i.e., When your conscience and the states law conflict)
- There is no way that morality can be altered by legislation (i.e., a WRONG cannot be turned into a RIGHT simply because a majority of people decided that to be so).


Non-Human Life

Are we alone in the universe? This question has been pursued by many people all over the world. Government cover-up of the extraterrestrial phenomena has made it difficult, but not impossible for us to find out the truth on this subject. After reviewing the work of researchers looking into secret government black budget programs, UFOs & ancient history, contactees/abductees, victims of government mind control projects, psychics and remote viewers, people on the inside in intelligence & military circles, etc., one will come to the conclusion that there is a cover-up of grand proportions of the alien phenomena while the universe is teeming with intelligent life. Not only that, but the people sitting on top of the global power pyramid which runs our planet seem to be possessed by non-human entities (mostly of a reptilian nature) and are not fully human. Researchers have referred to these people as the Illuminati bloodline families, which possess the ability to shift between their human and reptilian forms.

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Education and Media

The control of human perception through what information people receive is the key via which the global elite have controlled society for millennia. As soon as we are born our perceptions are programmed by our parents who have been through the same programming when they were growing up (not through any malice of their own), by our schooling and education system (where the state controls what we learn and don’t learn about various subjects) and by the mainstream media (which is primarily controlled by the state) for the rest of our lives. Individuals who question what they are taught and try to think outside the box are frowned upon & shunned by the rest of the people who have bought the states version of everything while growing up. Classic cult indoctrination techniques including Pavlovian bells which dictate where and when students may move during the course of the day, collectively standing and requiring students to give a pledge of allegiance to the government, public shaming, facing collective punishment for the actions of one/few students, the requirement to wear uniforms, etc. are used in today's public/private schooling system all over the world. These are the same techniques that the Nazis and Soviet Union used on their children. Children are taught that Government is necessary, legitimate & desirable, without ever thinking about the immorality of the concept. The real alternative (i.e., how society can function without authority) is barely ever given lip service to.


The Fiat Monetary System

Unlike the people deciding what form of currency they would choose depending on which one best fulfilled the functions of money, governments force us to use a currency which they control through legal tender laws. This means that we can be robbed via inflation (a hidden tax) whenever the state and its central bank decide to increase the money supply. When we deposit money in the bank, they have the power to lend more money than they have, thus resulting in an inflation of the money supply & legalized theft by commercial banks. The banks can confiscate real wealth when people default on loans (like assets, property, gold, etc.) in exchange for digits on a screen they created out of thin air. As banks create more rupees, the excess rupees start competing with existing rupees in the market and bid up prices. These prices in the absence of fiat currency would be going down due to innovations and productivity improvements. Hence not only is society being robbed by the inflationary theft of rising prices, but it is also deprived of the reduced costs and growing purchasing power that would exist in the absence of such a banking system. Real alternatives like Gold and Bitcoin which preserve people’s purchasing power and belong fully in an individual’s control are & will be increasingly banned by nation-states all over the world as they take away the state’s monopoly on controlling the money supply.

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An Elite plan for World Domination

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